Bulgarian coffee: Types of coffee brands in Bulgaria

Coffee types Bulgaria

Bulgaria is small country but there are import all of the most popular types of coffee known in the world.  They  are made with low quality, of course,  for such small and secondary market as Bulgarian. I think they are so different from these which are making for larger and more developed markets for example British market.

Nevertheless diversity of brands and flavors of coffee is huge. Sometimes selection of coffee depends from our resources and quantity beverage which is used per day. In fact there are many people who not save money for high quality and expensive coffee.

Bulgarian coffee: Different coffee brands in Bulgaria

Nova Brasilia - bulgarian coffee brand and saeco coffee machine

On the whole coffee consumption in Bulgaria is high. One of the cheapest types of bulgarian coffee is bulgarian brand “Nova Brazilia”. It has a relatively good taste, quality and flavour and is very strong, rich in caffeine. Its value between price and quality make it preferred by the bulgarian customers.

Coffee types Bulgaria

Jacobs and Tchibo coffee brands

Other two coffee trade marks are called Jacobs and Tchibo coffee. They are close in prise but each of them has a more expensive kind of beverage. Jacobs is old brand and comes from Germany by Iohann Jacobs. Today it is quite used not only in Bulgaria but in contries like Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, some Baltic countries, Macedonia, Romania, Turkey and many other. Recently that brand surprised us with new taste Jacobs Millicano solubilized. It brings rich taste and aroma of ground with the convenience of instant coffee.

The other type of coffee which is used a lot is Tchibo. It is an abbreviation for Tchilling and Bohnen. In the begining of its formation that company has focused on a mail order service of qualitatively and freshly coffee beans. First they have been processed in own installation facility in city Hamburg area of Hoheluft. Its activity is not only coffee, but also this chain is also known for its weekly-changing range of other products for example cigarettes Reemtsma. It has own shops for clothes, electronics and other. Newest two flavors of the brand are Tchibo Espresso Milano Style and Tchibo Espresso Sicilia Style which are promoted like true Italian espresso tastes.

Tchibo company has started distribution of its new and qualitative brand Davidoff cafe. It is also imported in Bulgaria and distinguished not only by the quality of the grain, good heat treatment, but with unique mix of coffee from different regions. This coffee has a high price for true lovers of coffee.

Lavazza coffee in Bulgaria

Classics of the genre as they say, is Lavazza coffee trade. It is well known around the world and features with a wide range of variety for every taste gratification and pocket. This coffee is prefered and its prise is higher than other coffee types in our coutry. This is Italian coffee and like the others, Lavazza is called on behalf of its creator – Luigi Lavazza. Today the Lavazza family are still managers of the company and, thanks to the ingenuity and the introduction of innovations in the field, it is a leading worldwide. Good and famous brand subspecies are Lavazza Rossa, Lavazza Perfetto Espresso, Lavazza Crema e Gusto, Lavazza Qualita Oro and other.

Illy and Segafredo and their popularity in Bulgaria

Other famous and long known on the Bulgarian market are coffee Segafredo and coffee Illy. Segafredo can offer the best price and unique taste of its baverages. That brand relies on exactly mix proportions of the grains.

There’re many different coffee trade marks and we think each one of them has followers which like to buy it for its existence. Ratio price – quality is crucial when we choosing coffee in the shop.

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