Our favorite and irreplaceable Caribou Coffee

Favorite Caribou Coffee

Surely, you’ve heard about the famous Caribou coffee.  And who hasn’t, considering that this the one of our favorite coffee offering companies and of course, coffeehouse.

Right at the beginning, we’ll start with interesting facts about Caribou coffee. It was found by a man called John Puckett, who has developed the company to the dimensions we know today. He made his Caribou company successful, because he knew exactly how a good idea can be developed. So, John and his wife started Caribou coffee.

Favorite Caribou Coffee

Maybe you’ve heard that Caribou Coffee is the world’s second largest retailer of coffee, espresso, tea and also delicious bakery goods – in brief the Caribou company is offering everything we need to start our day with a smile.

Caribou Coffee and its pleasant surroundings

We all enjoy coffee. But its taste isn’t enough – we all want to drink our cup of coffee in a nice atmosphere, where we feel just like home. Well, Caribou coffee is our favorite coffee drinking place, because there we spend many hours with out loved ones.

You can find your favorite Caribou coffeehouse in 40 states in America, in several places in Colombia and also all over the world.

Caribou coffeehouses

Caribou Perks card and why should you be a Caribou Perk

There are many people who can be qualified as Caribou Perks. No, you shouldn’t worry – this isn’t something bad. It refers to people who regularly visit Caribou coffeehouses and can take advantages from a loyalty program, which can make teir coffee cheaper and tastes even better.

All you have to do is to ask for a card, which can be given to you in every Caribou Coffee. After all, most of us visit it every day, so why don’t we take advantage from the whole situation. The so called Caribou Perks frequently recieve rewards for visiting the Caribou coffeehouse as Caribou Perks card.

How to become Caribou Perk

Caribou Perks cards

It’s important to register your card on the Caribou’s website.

And if you don’t want to carry around that card, you can also register with your phone number. After that you’ll get a vaucher for a free drink in every Caribou coffeehouse. You should keep in mind that you Perk’s registration lasts for a period of seven days.

But if you’re a regular client and fan of Caribou coffee, you can easily get a permanent card for discounts.

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