Choosing the Right Milkotester

How to make a choice?

Choosing the right milk quality analyzer is very important for the dairy manufacturer. Also, this device is used in special laboratories that evaluate the properties and safety of raw materials, finished products that are sold. There are many types of this device. They are separated not only by the names of models and manufacturers, but also by the purpose, the number of measured parameters. Accordingly, the price for them also varies.

Each farm or processing plant must have its own milk analyzer. This is very convenient, as the quality of the products is always monitored, and you do not need to agree to laboratory testing with your device. It takes up little space, weighs little and is easy to carry. Learning to work with the device is easy.

However, before you buy the analyzer, decide which products to check. Different models “sharpened” for different work. In principle, these devices can analyze the composition:

Of raw, homogenized and reconstituted milk;dry milk;cheese;cream;ice cream;serum;reversible.

Regardless of the model, all analyzers, when used correctly, give very high accuracy. Parameters that can be measured with the device. The milk quality analyzer shows the following product characteristics.

Whole milk: fat, density, acidity, protein, including casein, urea, dry matter, lactose and somatic cells. In dairy products (fermented) determines SOMO (dry skimmed milk residues), the level of sugars (each separately), protein, fat content, acidity. In cream, baby food: the percentage of protein, fat, SOMO. In concentrated milk: SOMO, percentage of dry matter, fat. For cheese, the percentage of protein, SOMO, the amount of salt, the fat content are shown.

Additional features

In addition, the device shows how much water is in the sample, its temperature, whether there are foreign substances (for example, detergents), and also determines the electrical conductivity. You can set the device to give a detailed analysis or to examine only 1-2 parameters.