We should take advantage from Mcdonalds free coffee

free mcdonalds coffee

Coffee, coffee, coffee – that’s the firts word we say every morning.  We want it to be nice, refreshing and cheap. But no one can deny that every single day we spend a large amount of money just to get our mandatory cup of coffee.
If you are to spend only a 1.50 $ per day on a cup of coffee, you will have to deal with this math in the end of the month. Or even sooner. This is the time of crisis, so we should take advantage from McDonald’s free coffee whenever we can.

Take a cup of free coffee

After all, coffee is proven to be good for your metabolism in limited amounts. If you are to start your day with a nutritious and slightly heavy breakfast, there’s nothing better than a pure, black well known beverage. McDonald’s has always followed its customers and known just how to put a cherry on top. Cherry of course being a metaphor for a nice and cozy finish on your every day’s most important meal.

free mcdonalds coffee
So, if you are in a morning rush, or just want to enjoy, think about the opportunity to actually improve your habits and save some money as well. Very soon, you’ll find out that at the end of the month you have more money and at the same time you can enjoy your cup of coffee.

Keep in mind that you can’t have your free coffee all the time, because this offer is limited for couple of weeks. Actually, it depends on in which country you live in. So, hurry up and take your Mcdonald’s free coffee.

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