Popular coffee drinks

popular coffee drinks

Wondering about popular drinks with coffee and which is the most popular coffee from all famous coffee brands? (In other languages: popular coffees, cafe or coffe).

Well, there are too many on this list and the most popular is Espresso. But each one of these coffee drinks are enough to tickle your taste buds leaving you wanting for more.

popular coffee drinks

Common coffee drinks list:

1. Machiato coffee – it’s perfect for people who want strong coffee but not so bitter taste. It contains espresso, milk and of course, cocoa for more sweetness. Usually, it’s served in bigger cup and with cream on top.

2. Espresso – that’s one really popular coffee, which is served differently depending on what country you’re in. It’s entirely pure, because it contains only espresso and nothing else. Espresso is served in a small cup and if you want, you can add some sugar to it.

3. Galáo coffee – actually that’s again coffee which is based on espresso. But in that case the espresso is only 1/4 and the other 3/4 is steamed milk. This gives the coffee exceptional taste because of the milky foam and the coffee content is little.

4. Black coffee – many people prefer that kind of coffee. Actually, it’s regular coffee without anything in large quantities. It’s perfect choice to drink in the morning, because it wakes you really quickly.

5. Americano – again the main ingredient is espresso, but the cup is filled up also with hot water. The Americano coffee is great beverage for the afternoon.

6. Caffé latte – it’s served in really big cup, because it contains 2/3 coffee, 1/3 steamed milk and there’s milky foam on the top. This coffee is tasty and is great at any time of the day.

7. Café melange – maybe most of you haven’t heard of that type of coffee, but it’s really simple. The café melange contains black coffee and on the tup there’s whippped cream. Again that coffee is served in small cup.

8. Cappucinno – you’ll need special coffee maker if you want to drink cappucinno at home. That’s because it contains espresso, hot milk and the difficulties come when you need steamed milk foam. But we guarantee you that cappucinno drinks are really popular coffee drink all over the world.

9. Café viennois – it’s strong coffee, but it has sweet taste because of the whipped cream on top of the cup. And the coffee type is of course, espresso.

10. Tripplo – that’s coffee is only for people who really love coffee and withstand caffeine. As its name shows, the Tripplo is actually three shots of espresso and nothing else.

11. Iced coffee – perfect for summer, the Iced coffee is actually normal coffee which is served with ice and big cup. Normally it’s served also with ice cream.

12. Brew – that coffee is really easy for preparation, because all you need is cup of hot water and a tea bag. It’s perfect for days when you’re far away from the city. but you still want your morning caffeine.

Other types of coffee beverages: list

What more and how to find new coffee beverage? You can find the biggest list of coffee beverages types in Wikipedia here.

Ristretto coffee drink

The first one is Ristretto coffee drink type, which very popular drink with coffee. To prepare this drink water is rushed through the ground beans like that in expresso. But in this case it faster. It even contains less caffeine, but a perefct combination of flavor and sweetness.

Coffee drink flat white for better taste

Popular coffee drinks - Flat White coffee drink

Flat white coffee drink types is the next option that you have. It is prepared in an interesting way by pouring milk from the bottom of pitcher over your Ristretto.

Cubano coffee drinks for quick start of the day

If you are a die- hard hot beverage lover, you will also love the Cafe Cubano. This cuban expresso is special in every way. It gets its sweetness from raw sugar cane and is seriously the perfect coffee drink. Isn’t it amazing?

The popular Red Eye coffee drink

The Red Eye coffee drink type is another favorite on the list. In this the expresso is usually mixed with brewed coffee. Talking about caffeine drinks remain incomplete without the Cafe Frappe.This is an excellent combinatio of foam covered iced coffee,a taste that will linger in your mouth for long.

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