World’s greatest and pricey coffee

most expensive coffee

Today, it’s time to talk about world’s most expensive coffee.  Like everythin else, coffee can be cheap and pricey – actually it depends on its quality.
And because coffee is one of the most favorite beverages in the whole wild world, we will reveal the secret about this mysterious coffee.
It’s name is The Olio Cafe Kopi Luwak. Maybe you’re curious to find out wjat is its price – wel,, hold your breath and be prepared, because the amount is about $130 and that’s the price in Indonesia. In the United States you can find the Kopi Luwak cup of coffee for about $100. Yes, that’s the truth.

But why world’s most expensive coffee is so pricey?

This coffee is very rare and that’s because these beans where found in Indonesia. After their roasting, they were eaten by the so called “shitter” animals. In fact, their digestive system is the reason why this coffee has so unforgattable taste and why it can be hard to find.

most expensive coffee








Where can we find the Kopi Luwak coffee

Of course, we can’t find it everywhere. We can enjoy this special coffee only in selected restaurants, where we will be convinced that Kopi Luwak deserves every dollar.

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