The Most rare types of coffee beans

Rare types of coffee beans

There is more than just what is in your coffee mug.  The content can made from different types of beans. There are those that are easy
find and prepare, however, there are those that are quite rear to find and they
tend to be very expensive. Here are the most rare types of coffee beans
available today.

Kopi Luwak coffee

Kopi Luwak coffee beans

This is one of the rarest and most expensive beans. Also known as
Civet, Motit, Kafe Laku and Kape Almid, it is made from barriers that have been
eaten and defecated by “Luwaks,” Civets from Indonesian archipelago.

Peaberry coffee type

Also known as Caracoli, peaberry is oval or pea-shaped bean. It contains
higher density as compared to non-pea shaped beans. Cases of finding it in a
plant are 1 to 7%. It’s known for its robust flavor, rich aroma and smooth

Kona coffee beans

The most rare types of coffee beans is the Kona bean. Its exquisite quality
is made from intervention of third party. It is mostly produced in Hawaii and
contains largest level of caffeine.

Rare types of coffee beans

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