3 Facts About Paid Soccer Picks Everyone Thinks are a lie

In paid soccer picks there are a number of commonly held beliefs, so plausible that almost everyone accepts them as the truth and there are some facts, which are commonly mistaken as lies. Some are correct, some may not be. Though there are a few places on the internet to get authentic information, like, onlinesocceradvisor.com

We thought it was only right to start busting a few common myths for you, so you know the truth:

LIE #1 Bookies want to rip you off!

A common myth, but dead wrong. Soccer picks will be slightly better off if Arsenal loses to Stoke, but it`s not a must. The money comes from the payout percentage, the “juice”. A tight match should have odds 2.00 – 2.00, but at 1.93 – 1.93 the bookie will always win, regardless of the outcome. When odds go down, it`s because of the bets placed.

3 Facts About Paid Soccer Picks Everyone Thinks are a lie
LIE #2 Researching One or Two Stats Gives You an Advantage.
C’mon, let’s get real. The average sports bettor doesn’t have the amount of time that a bookmaker has to research an upcoming game. That leads people to compare one or two statistics and place their money on the team or player that performs better in those few categories. Let’s face it, Stats are overrated in terms of their meaningfulness in head-to-head competition. Placing smart bets means more than just comparing numbers.

LIE #3 Betting systems will make you money / betting systems will ruin you.

Both approaches are wrong. While it`s true that there is not (and never will be) a guaranteed system to win in betting You will obviously be at an advantage if you have some professional backup as compared to betting on favourites. Paid soccer picks might work for your advantage.
These are just a few of the sports betting myths that lead bettors to make big mistakes when it comes time to lay down a wager.

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