Choosing the right tunic according to the figure

Choosing the right tunic according to the figure

Choosing the right tunic according to the figure

A tunic is something in between a blouse and a dress. In general, it should cover the buttocks and gently flow down the body, subtly emphasizing our shapes. There is no one rigid cut of the tunic, in stores you will find many variations of the basic cut.
Let’s always choose the models that best suit the figure. In the article, we will introduce you to the tunic models and which one is suitable for your figure. Read and benefit from the advice of the designers of the Eviza online store.

Με τη φιγούρα «μήλο», το μεγαλύτερο πρόβλημα είναι το διογκωμένο στομάχι και η έλλειψη σαφώς καθορισμένης μέσης. Το πλεονέκτημα – ένα ωραίο, γεμάτο μπούστο. Ως εκ τούτου, ένας χιτώνας σε στυλ αυτοκρατορίας θα είναι ο πιο κατάλληλος, δηλ. κόψτε ακριβώς κάτω από το μπούστο. Αυτός ο τύπος χιτώνα τυλίγει το στήθος και τονίζει το σχήμα του και το δεύτερο, κάτω μέρος κόβεται και καλύπτει τέλεια το στομάχι. Το κόψιμο μπορεί να τονιστεί περαιτέρω με κορδόνι ή λεπτή κορδέλα ραμμένη στην ένωση των δύο τμημάτων του χιτώνα. Οι γυναίκες με μεγαλύτερες φιγούρες δεν συνιστάται να φορούν χιτώνες με μεγάλα σχέδια, βολάν, ραμμένα στολίδια ή τσέπες.

Το υλικό με υφή δεν συνιστάται επίσης, μόνο λείο, μάλλον λεπτό ύφασμα.

A “pear” figure means full thighs and hips with fairly narrow shoulders and a fairly small bust. With such a figure, tunics with an A-shaped cut should be worn. The tunic expands from the bust line, slightly accentuates the waist and covers the lower and upper legs. Pear-shaped women should wear long tunics reaching almost to the knees, unless they are very short, in which case it is sufficient to cover only the widest part of the thighs. The optical weakening of the silhouette will provide a combination of a tunic with high-heeled shoes and narrow trousers. A pear-shaped figure also looks very good in a tunic with an asymmetrical hem, just be careful that the shorter part of the outfit does not reveal the hips.

For the “hourglass” figure, tunics cut at the waist, slightly fitted, made of slightly flowing fabrics are suitable. Let the neckline be in the shape of the letter “V”. With a large bust, we give up the excess of decorative details, a modest frill is enough. Wearing a tunic, “hourglasses” should always emphasize their main advantage, namely perfect proportions and waist. For ladies with such a figure, our designers recommend wearing wide belts with tunics, but empire-cut and free-hanging, roomy tunics are not recommended.

What length should the tunic be?

The tunic should be neither too short nor too long. Short tunics, barely reaching the hips, look good only on slender girls, in other cases we can unwittingly expand optically. Short tunics should be avoided, especially when they are patterned, in contrasting colors. Tunics with a distinctive print should reach the hips and cannot be too loose at the waist.

Very long tunics reaching the knees are suitable for tall women. Short ladies in such a flowing robe will look even shorter, even if they have the right weight. The optimal choice is tunics that cover about a third of the length of the thigh, with thin legs, tunics can be even shorter, which will optically add a few centimeters to the legs.

What should I wear the tunic with?
Tunic plus pants is a very interesting set, but you have to be careful. Loose bell bottoms with the same voluminous tunic are a dream creation for hot summer, but with a fuller figure, they easily turn into a plump ball. If you absolutely want to wear a loose, airy set, keep it in a solid, unobtrusive color. However, it will undoubtedly be more profitable to combine a loose tunic with tight trousers.
Instead of trousers, we can wear leggings with a tunic. This is a very common combination, comfortable and attractive at the same time.

Για τα κολάν φοράμε μακρύτερες τουνίκ, φαρδύ στο κάτω μέρος, εκτός αν θέλουμε να τονίσουμε πολύ τη σιλουέτα, τότε πάμε σε ένα πιο αυστηρό μοντέλο, που θυμίζει στενό φόρεμα. Ας θυμηθούμε ότι οι σφήνες στη μέση της γάμπας κοντύνουν οπτικά τα πόδια και τα κάνουν πιο χοντρά, ώστε να μην δείχνουν καλά σε συνδυασμό με φλατ παπούτσια που ενισχύουν αυτό το αποτέλεσμα. Τα πιο κοντά κολάν πρέπει να φοριούνται με ψηλά τακούνια και τα παπούτσια δεν μπορούν να έχουν αγκράφες ή ιμάντες στον αστράγαλο στο πόδι. Με κοντό ανάστημα και όχι ιδιαίτερα διαμορφωμένες γάμπες, εγκαταλείπουμε τελείως τα κολάν αυτού του μήκους και φοράμε μόνο αυτά μέχρι τον αστράγαλο.

Solid color or colorful tunic?

A multicolored patterned tunic is certainly more interesting and will be an adornment in itself. Even in combination with ordinary trousers, it looks attractive and catches the eye. It is suitable for parties, but we will not look strange with it on a walk in the park either.
Tunics with bright circles or large flowers will not be appropriate to wear to work or for formal meetings. A simple tunic in a muted color, for example, white, gray, blue, graphite, will be more appropriate here.

So it pays to have at least two tunics from our Eviza site on hand, one for more formal creations, the other for private outings. When we buy a tunic, let’s think about what we will combine it with. If you often wear leggings, choose slightly longer and colorful tunics. For jeans and thick trousers, a slightly shorter, monochromatic tunic would be better, but not necessarily black or white.

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