3 People – 3 Different Types of Coffee Drinks

Different people with different coffee

People say they like something, but it often turns out they “like” it in different ways.   The style of coffee people consume is as varied as the people drinking it – and it can change over a lifetime!

 The Cool Kid and his coffee

Often, you see a teenager trying to act like an adult. It is no different when arabica beans get involved! This kid often uses an overabundance of cream and sugar – or worse yet, buys things like the “Coolatta” from a chain doughnut shop!

Different people with different coffee

The College “Aficionado” coffee type

People grow and mature – hopefully! By young-adulthood, tastes improve and what once seemed “bitter” comes across as full-flavored! This is the age of appreciating something like an Americano espresso (a. k. a. “iced coffee”) with nothing added.

The Connoisseur’s coffee drink

Sometime during adulthood, the palate becomes rich with appreciation for complexity of flavor. This is the age of a true espresso drinker, or even someone who enjoys a rich-flavored mix of select beans, cacao, and ground chipotle peppers! Enjoy your next cup, no matter which “coffee person” you currently are!

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